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Hi, This is Stefandango!!

Thank you for dropping by my tiny website! I wanted to get myself a domain to use as a playground, and thought that I might as well throw something on here. Feel free to look around.

The site is based on a template I've made while learning and fiddling with Nodejs, check it out here


I am a software developer from Copenhagen, Denmark. I have a masters degree in Computer Science / Digital media technology. I work with various software development tasks as a full-stack developer.

I'm curious by nature and like to learn new things. I love to travel and generally enjoy life.

Professionally I have 7+ years of experience, primarily working with the Microsoft dotnet stack; technologies such as

  • - C# / .Net
  • - ASP.NET / Razor
  • - APIs (WCF/Rest)
  • - Entity Framework / MSSQL
  • - JavaScript
  • - CSS
  • - Visual Studio
  • - Visual Studio Code
  • - MS SQL Management Studio

Beyond programming itself i spend time with concepts around coding, such as scoping of projects, software architechture and security.


If you want to get in touch, feel free to connect through the following channels